• Arturia Sound Banks Bundle 2022.07 WiN
    July 2nd, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
    Categories: ARTURiA, Presets, WiNDOWS

    Arturia Sound Banks Bundle 2022.07 WiN

    Arturia Sound Banks Bundle 2022

    Team V.R | 02 July 2022 | 6.80 GB

    209 Arturia Sound Banks & 99 Third Party Sound Banks

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    • Dorico Pro v4.1.0 x64 WiN-V.R
      July 2nd, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

      Steinberg Dorico Pro 4

      Dorico Pro v4.1.0 WiN

      TEAM V.R | 03 June 2022 | 473.97 MB

      Dorico helps you to write music notation, automatically producing printed results of exceptional quality — and plays it back with breathtaking realism. It is easy enough for anyone to learn, yet has hundreds of advanced notations, features, options and sounds to satisfy even the most demanding professionals.

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      • Complete v14 WiN-V.R
        July 1st, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

        Complete v14 WiN-V.R

        Complete v14 WiN

        TEAM V.R | 01 July 2022 | 175 MB

        .: Win64; AAX, VST3, VST, STANDALONE :.

        The world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets.

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        • SpectraLayers Pro v9.0 WiN MAC-V.R
          June 30th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

          SpectraLayers Pro v9.0 WiN MAC-V.R

          SpectraLayers Pro v9.0 WiN MAC

          TEAM V.R | 30 June 2022 | WiN: 390 MB | MAC: 410 MB

          .: Win64; AAX, AU, VST3-ARA2, STANDALONE :.

          SpectraLayers delivers audio empowerment by showing sounds as visual objects. You can explore, reach in, take and transform, working wonders on tasks ranging from repairing and restoring audio to freeform sound design. Unmatched selection tools developed over many years are now joined by new artificial intelligence-driven audio extraction and repair processes, making this the most significant version of SpectraLayers yet.

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          • Steinberg VST Live Pro v1.0.10 macOS-V.R
            June 30th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: Audio Software, macOS

            Steinberg VST Live Pro v1.0.10 macOS-V.R

            VST Live Pro v1.0.10 macOS

            Team V.R | 30 June 2022 | 247 MB

            (STANDALONE x64)

            Make your live easier with VST Live, the ultimate live performance system. A unique, stable software solution, it is designed for musicians who want to put on a great show, including sound, lights and video, wherever you are. VST Live comes with a vast array of virtual instruments, sync features for your music, text and chord symbol displaying on other devices, video, Cubase import, MIDI tracks for direct DMX light control and much more. From practicing at home to rehearsing with your band; from solo shows in bars, clubs and at small parties to full band shows and big stage productions, the wide-ranging facilities of VST Live make it the right choice for everyone.

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            • Dorico Pro v4.1.10 macOS-V.R
              June 30th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

              Dorico Pro v4.1.10 macOS-V.R

              Dorico v4.1.10 macOS

              Team V.R | 30 June 2022 | 464 MB

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              • BFD Modern Retro WiN MAC BFD3
                June 29th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
                Categories: BFD, macOS, Presets, WiNDOWS

                BFD Modern Retro WiN MAC BFD3

                BFD Modern Retro BFD3

                P2P | 29 June 2022 | 12.29 GB

                BFD Modern Retro is an expansion pack for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2 with a pair of kits that helped define the sound of the 90s and early 2000s. Produced and recorded by Chocolate Audio (the team behind BFD Imperial Drums), the pack combines extreme levels of detail with varied mic channels and beater types to provide a set of remarkably expressive drums with a wide timbral range. The 70 included instruments include 1997 Sonor Designer and late 90s Tama Starclassic kits, Ludwig, Sonor and Tama snares and a suite of cymbals and hihats by Zildjian, Ufip, Paiste, Turkish and Sabian. Many sounds feature hotrod or brush versions while kicks are provided in plastic and felt beater versions and recorded with 4 direct mics! The lush ambience of the recording space is captured with 2 sets of overhead and room mics. BFD Modern Retro comes with mix-ready presets designed to offer a variety of pop/rock-oriented sounds although the pack is perfect for all modern genres that demand detailed, focused and powerful-sounding drums.

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