• Sound On Sound July 2022
    June 26th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

    Sound On Sound July 2022

    Sound On Sound July 2022

    English | 164 pages | True PDF | USA: 91.2MB | UK: 65.3MB

    (UK & USA Edition)

    Reviews: Akai MPC Key 61 keyboard workstation [front cover] • Austrian Audio OC16 mic • Focal Alpha Twin Evo monitors • Modal Cobalt5S synthesizer • Warm Audio WA-CX12 microphone • Moog Etherwave theremin • Roland JX-08 synth • Moog Mavis semi-modular synth • Focusrite Clarett+ Octopre • Behringer MonoPoly synth • Echo Fix EF-X2 tape echo • Line 6 DL4 MkII • Universal Audio UAFX Amp Pedals • Universal Audio UAD Spark • IGS Audio Zen limiter • OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones • Novation FLkey 37 controller • Signum Audio Skye Dynamics plug-in — and lots more!

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  • Time Textures KONTAKT

    Time Textures KONTAKT

    P2P | 26 June 2022 | 5.74 GB


    TIME TEXTURES is a new revolutionary orchestral engine bringing ever-evolving soundscapes to the tip of your fingers. Using advanced algorithmic techniques, orchestral instruments have been given a depth, movement, and beauty that don’t readily exist in the natural world. With a simple modulation design, you can warp and bend 13 instruments into new textures and sonic realities. The power is yours.

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  • Hip Hop Production Techniques TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC

    Hip Hop Production Techniques

    FANTASTiC | 26 June 2022 | 1.09 GB

    One of the most exciting Hip Hop producers to grace the industry in recent times is Kaelin Ellis, having received recognition for his music mainly via social media channels initially, where he shared tracks with the likes of Kaytranada, amongst others. More recently, his production talents have been featured in collaboration with another online legend. After a short introduction, in which Kaelin mentions how he normally finds inspiration for a track and then provides an outline of his Ableton Live template project, he gets started with the beats, beginning with some quick beat boxing to sketch out the initial idea. This is then edited and bolstered with additional samples, which are processed with various individual and drum buss effects.

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  • Tennessee Whiskey 8 WAV-FANTASTiC

    Tennessee Whiskey 8

    FANTASTiC | 25 June 2022 | 46.63 MB

    ‘Tennessee Whiskey 8’ brings you a set of five high quality Country music with instrumentals only. These samples don’t include drums, but they do include samples full of inspiration and country energy. This fresh, new face of Country is full of attitude and ready to take its rightful place at the top of today’s charts. This product contains a collection of digital Country music samples, which is a mixture of Hip Hop and Country, inspired by Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum.

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  • Impact v1.1.1 U2B macOS-TRAZOR
    June 25th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

    Impact v1.1.1 U2B macOS-TRAZOR-MaGeSY

    Impact v1.1.1 U2B macOS

    TRAZOR | 25 June 2022 | 23.8 MB

    .: VST3, VST, AU :.

    The most versatile tool for reshaping the dynamics of drums, loops, and much more. Impact is designed to help with the more nitty-gritty, detail-oriented aims of transient shaping. The multi-channel processor is switchable between one, two or three bands of transient modification — this means that different frequency bands can be adjusted independently, so that if you wanted to emphasize the attack of some airy hi-hats while, in the same sample, dulling the attack of a low-rumbling kick drum, you could do simply by adjusting the Attack and Sustain controls for each frequency band.

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  • Dub Machines v1.3.1 U2B macOS-TRAZOR-MaGeSY

    Dub Machines v1.3.1 macOS

    TRAZOR | 25 June 2022 | 158.7 MB

    .: VST3, VST, NKS, AU :.

    The designs of the Dub Machines plugins take full advantage of their digital engines, but their sonic power stems from analog gear and the inspiration it provides. At the heart of our design process, the technical emulation of well known analog fx units is subjected to fine-tuning by ear in order to challenge the model with creative possibilities that transcend its original design.

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